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Catch son when watch porn? Yes, it’s true. In fact, you can actually catch your son watching porn even when he’s home watching TV. So, if you happen to be watching with him, why don’t you try and change the channel? Why don’t you just sit there and get to know more about it? Your son has had many chances to be his own man and he still just stays and watches the same old movies.

The question is: what’s so good about porn to your son? The most common response I get from a lot of men is that they are very busy with their work and sometimes they can’t take off for a day or two. They are exhausted, stressed out and they really need a break to refresh and relax. If that’s the case, you really need to start seeing if you can arrange a few family times so your son can take time to unwind. How about getting some yoga, horse riding or another physical activity so he can have his own time and recharge?

By doing this, you will be doing your son a favor. Sure, he is getting a second wind and some fresh air. But, you won’t be that kid you were before because you’re not spending all that time catching your son when watch porn. If you want to take advantage of all that your son’s porn addiction has to offer, I suggest that you give it a shot. Be open minded and make sure that you set up a plan so you can get it all out of the way.


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