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Gangbang is a form of penis to vagina intercourse wherein two or more men perform the act together. The couple usually leads the gangbang by pleasuring each other. The partners often use different oral sex techniques such as licking, biting, sucking and finger stimulation during the gangbang act. There are many types of oral sex techniques which can be used and can add more excitement to the scene.

Gangbang cum lots in mouth is the common method in which the partners are used to bring the partner to orgasm with the use of lots of oral cum lotions. After the man has a climax, he will send semen in the woman’s mouth. However, if she does not give a positive response to the oral sperm lotion then the man can use another technique for this kind of oral sex, which is called facial gangbang. The facial gangbang involves giving lotions to the woman and licking them to moisten them. Once the woman has given a positive response to the lotion then the man will lick her face and neck. This lotion stimulates the sexual organ of the woman and she will experience orgasms.

It is important that the man give the woman a right amount of time to reach climax. Therefore, it is essential that the woman is able to reach orgasm by using her own mind to guide her through her orgasm. Oral sex is a technique which can bring a lot of excitement to the sexual act and it also is an effective method for pleasure as well as arousal of the sexual organs of both partners.

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